Craft & Tailored Video: Murray Ash And "The Value You Put On Your Time"

We recently started working with the uber talented Murray Ash as our detected lifestyle photographer for Craft & Tailored. Murray embodies the Craft & Tailored lifestyle on the daily and has become a key asset to the brand as it's not just about the items we curate and sell to our select customers, but more about the story and history that accompanies each and every piece that makes them special.

Check out this awesome article that covers Murray's (10,000 Mile) quest across the globe on his Triumph Thruxton : AESTIVAL KNIEVEL

Also See Murray's Portfolio: HERE

Murray Ash Craft and Tailored

The Craft & Tailored team recently collaborated with Murray for a shoot involving Craft & Tailored CEO Cameron Barr that shows what owning and valuing a vintage timepiece is all about.

Murray wanted to create something to capture the essence of what having a vintage timepiece is all about... To the Craft & Tailored customer owning a vintage timepiece is more than the possession of a luxury or status item. It's about valuing and embodying something special, adding to the history of the s piece, and having the timepiece become a part of the individual's specific daily adventure and history. Murray captured the feeling and daily elements that embody the Craft and Tailored perfectly in this short film for Craft & Tailored.


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