New Vlog Series: Reference Points

Craft And Tailored YouTube

After many messages and request from our customers, we have decided to start a new vlog series on the Craft & Tailored YouTube channel called "Reference Points".

The basis of "Reference Points" is to every week look at a particular model of timepiece that we have within the curated Craft & Tailored Timepieces Collection to provide specific details and information about the history, features, and key components for the specific model or "Reference" that we are featuring within the episode.  In each episode, we will showcase the timepiece itself, discuss the unique elements of the specific timepiece we are showcasing, and also provide a light history lesson of the piece to provide an educational basis to the vlog.

We are also seeking customer and fan feedback relating to what pieces you would like to see featured in the upcoming episodes of Reference Points" so if you have a particular model that you would like to see featured please be sure to let us know by sending us an email at or by commenting on one of the episodes 


In our first episode we showcase and go over the details of a fantastic 1978 Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref 1665 MK1 "Great White" be sure to subscribe to the Craft & Tailored YouTube Channel to receive the latest updates and to be notified of new episodes of Reference Points.