Rolex GMT-Master - Mondani

When approached with a question that isn't easily answered, here at Craft & Tailored our first reference in sourcing the answer starts with the Mondani Horolilogical publications. Tried and trusted, this collection of information is your best option for understanding the nitty and gritty details of vintage or modern high-end timepieces. 


The GMT-Master was created to meet the needs of Pan American Airways to supply its pilots with a wristwatch able to indicate the time back home and the time in their arrival destination simultaneously. It was necessary to give the pilots a “technical” wristwatch, which indicated simultaneously the two different times. It is from this point that the request arose from Pan Am to Rolex, to create a new watch for modern age aviators: a watch with two time zones. The name GMT-Master was chosen…


With high-quality images, technical details and updated prices, this book shows and describes every GMT-Master and GMT-Master II reference. For each watch, this guide explains every characteristic: crystal, bakelite bezel, anodized aluminum bezel, Cerachrom bezel, bracelet, case back, winding crown, case number with production year, dial, movement, hands, etc.

Furthermore, the book shows: “Albino”, bakelite, “Batman”, bracelets, calibers, “circular” indexes, “circular edged” indexes, “Cornino” crown guards, “standard” crown guards, GMT hand with small arrow, Green Dial, Oysterlock, sunken holes, vintage advertisements, Underline, box, papers, the “Ice” model, “Chuck Yeager”, “Tiffany & Co.”, “Mission Everest”, dials with Arab coats of arms


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