Brown Suede Watch Strap
Brown Suede Watch Strap
Brown Suede Watch Strap
Brown Suede Watch Strap

Suede Watch Strap (Espresso)

$ 125.00

Our espresso brown suede straps are made from English fine grain suede and are hand sewn in Deutschland. The suede is soft and supple and provides a different look on watches ranging from sport to dress. The matching stitching provides a very clean and finished look and will work on both gold and or stainless steel cases alike. The back of the strap is lined with smooth and soft calfskin for extra comfort and durability.

Our straps are built to last and will only get better with age as the leather will take on a robust patina the more you wear them. Our espresso suede straps come in 18mm, 19mm, and 20mm sizes and taper down to fit a standard 16mm buckle. A stainless steel buckle is included with the strap (A gold buckle can be added by request.)

VIDEO: How To Change A Watch Strap

Pictured:1960 18k YG Rolex Oyster Day-Date Ref.1803 Paired With Vintage Style Suede Watch Strap -Espresso


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Vintage Watch Strap


20mm, 19mm, 18mm



English Fine Suede


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