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1930's Round Art-Deco Sunglasses (B&L/Ful-Vue)

These 1930's round art-deco Tru-Vu sunglasses fully embrace the Vintage Finds Collection of Craft & Tailored as they embody functionality just as much as they do thoughtful design. This specific example we are offering here is no exception... These round lens sunglasses are the real deal as this specific example is from the late 1930's-early 1940's. Note the precise, intricate  Art-Deco etching that covers the totality of the beautiful 12k gold filled frame. The mineral glass lens adds substance and weight to the frames and the outdoorsman ear stems are also much more uncommon than those with the regular paddle ear stems.

The mineral glass lenses are free of any scratches and the frames are free of any corrosion yet possess a wonderful patina that has been earned over time. Also included is the original black tolex covered folding case is also common of the era and is still functional and in a wonderful condition.

Wear them while riding your vintage Triumph through the canyons, or wear them with a T-shirt and a light wash denim for a casual and different look.



Stock #



 Bausch & Lomb (Tru-Vu)


Vintage Round Sunglasses


(General Size) 4.25 inches wide hinge to hinge (About 110 mm)

(Arms) 6.25 inches long measured along the curve.

(Lens width)1 11/16 inches (43mm)

(Lens height) 1 9/16 inches (39 mm)

(Bridge) 7/8 inch (22mm)



12k Gold Filled Frame, Green Mineral Glass Lenses


Gold, Green Mineral Glass