Brass Caliper

Brass Calipers

$ 18.00

Brass Calipers

We like quality things here at Craft & Tailored, even when it comes to the smallest and the most seemingly simple things. If you need to measure the lug width of your watch or the width of a strap this the perfect tool for the job. These brass calipers are not only accurate bit they have been crafted in Germany using a high level of precision. The tool has a good feel and weight and the brass will take on a patina the more you use them. 

This is a must have for the watch collector and the strap nerd alike!


  • Made of solid brass
  • Notched jaws and a 1/10th millimeter vernier for accuracy
  • 80 millimeters (3 inches) long
  • This brass millimeter gauge is great for 
  • Made in Germany