Craft & Tailored

Craft & Tailored "Mojo Beads" Stretch Bracelet (Rouge, Noir, Bleu Ciel)

$ 25

Colorful glass bead bracelets to accompany your favorite watch or to add a little extra "mojo" to your wrist. Sold in packs of three bracelets. Mix and match the 3-packs and make your own combinations. These bracelets are made with our hand sourced "Mojo Beads" that come from Ghana, Africa. The "Mojo" in our beads invokes a happy playful look that adds a fun and stylish flare to  your favorite watch, or will add a little extra vibe to your wrist by themselves.

  • (Rouge, Noir, Bleu Ciel) Red, Black, Sky
  • Glass beads from Ghana, Africa
  • Slips on
  • Bracelets will come in a qty of three (3) individual bracelets
  • Assembled in Los Angeles, CA


These bracelets, like everything here at Craft & Tailored have a story behind them. The beads used to make our "Mojo Bracelets" are sourced from Ghana, Africa. These beads are made from recycled glass bottles and other glass items which are first cleaned and sorted by colors. The glass is then broken into small fragments and then pounded with a metal mortar and pestle to get a very fine glass powder. The glass powder is then formed into small molds and re-formed into the glass beads. The various colors are obtained buy using ceramic dyes that are added to the glass powder before the glass is re-formed into the beads.

Our CEO and Founder Cameron Barr can frequently be seen wearing different, eclectic bracelets, and accessories. Cameron's inspiration behind the Mojo Beads come from his favorite style icons like Keith Richards, Steven Tyler & Jimi Hendrix. Even when displaying a more sartorial and refined look, Cameron maintains a unique style.  

"I'm a total nut for throwing in fun and funky accessories to my look; life is to short to take things so serious all the time. I like to add a little vibe and Rock N' Roll to an otherwise normal look or outfit" 

-Cameron Barr