Rolex Daytona Story - Mondani

$ 480

When approached with a question that isn't easily answered, here at Craft & Tailored our first reference in sourcing the answer starts with the Mondani Horolilogical publications. Tried and trusted, this collection of information is your best option for understanding the nitty and gritty details of vintage or modern high-end timepieces. 


The ultimate book about Rolex Daytona, including the Cerachrom models and the latest watches produced.

The new ROLEX DAYTONA book describes every single Daytona reference, from its origin until today, including the latest models presented in Baselworld. Among the new watches, you will find the following models:
Daytona “Cerachrom” ref. 116500LN, Platinum Daytona ref. 116506 and 116576TBR, white and yellow gold Daytonas ref. 116509 and 116508 and more.
The book shows all the essential details for collectors, enthusiasts and dealers.
All references are presented with the dates of the beginning and the end of production.



The important dates of the Daytona, the chronological production table, the “Paul Newman” dials, the Daytona dial makers, the Greek letter “sigma”, the customized dials, the faded dials, the calibers used and their differences, the aftermarket dials, the push-buttons, the bezels, the winding crowns, the “underline” dials, the “Tropical Dials”, the bracelets, the gold hallmarks, the enamel dials, regular 6 and inverted 6, the Cerachrom models, the Oysterflex models, the updated estimates of all published watches and more.

All models are accompanied by the descriptions of all those characteristics that determine the value and the rarity of the watch, such as:

Bezels – Bracelets – Buttons – Calibers – Case back – Cases -Chromalight – Dials – Dials with changing color – Diameter – Hallmarks – Hands – Indexes – Inverted 6 – Lugs – Movements – Papers – References with their period of production – Sigma – Spare parts – Winding Crown