1959 American Airlines Zippo
Rare Zippo Lighter
Rare Zippo Lighter
1959 Zippo Lighter Date Code

Rare 1959 American Airlines Zippo Lighter

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This specific Zippo lighter was issued to American Airlines pilots and is remarkably unique and a scarce. As with all of our items in the Vintage Finds Collection this specific Zippo is just as functional as it is a historic & iconic piece of American and aviation history.

The year 1959 was a very special year for American Airlines as well as the Boeing company as American Airlines started deploying the Boeing 707 which allowed for transcontinental flights and launched both companies into the Jet-Age.

In the late 50's and early 60's commercial aviation possessed a sense of style and class that we don't often see in today's day and age. From pilots to passengers, a dress code was strictly enforced and the whole experience of flying had a sense of exclusivity that has long been forgotten as can be seen in today's sweat pant wearing neck pillow donning traveler. This Lighter is a direct representation of that details were just as important as the simple ability to light one's cigarette.

An American Airlines’ Boeing 707-123B, N7523A, in the original Astrojet livery, at LAX(American Airlines’ Boeing 707-123B, N7523A, in the original Astrojet,  at LAX C. 1962)

The lighter hinge is tight and functional bearing the distinct zippo click and clang when opened and closed. The enamel filled AA logo is in stunning condition with very minimal enamel loss. The wheel and flint are in perfect working order without any issue. The date code on the bottom of the lighter date this specific piece to 1959 which was the only known year for the production of this lighter.

Keep this on the desk as a rare and interesting keepsake, or light up your cigs with unsurpassed style and class even in windy conditions as the Zippo is the first engineered windproof lighter and will always remain a classic! 




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Zippo Lighter


 4"x 2"



Nickel Plated Brass

Color Silver, Blue