M-1943 Boots
Vintage Double Buckle Boots
Vintage M-1943 Boots
Vintage WW2 boots
Vintage ww2 double buckle

1945 U.S. Army M-1943 Vintage Double Buckle Boots (Sz 8)

During WWII specifically in the year 1943, the U.S. Army implemented a new combat boot design after many complaints from the boys in the trenches. The U.S. initially issued one uniform and that included everything from underwear to footwear... The same uniform you were expected to meet the president in or get married in was the same uniform you were expected to fight in the muddy trenches. 

But by late 1942 the U.S. realized that the combat environments the U.S. troops were fighting in ranged from sandy beaches, mud soaked jungles, and snow covered mountains, and that the range of conditions required different pieces of equipment one of the most important being footwear. In 1943 the U.S. issued procurement of a new boot design that was much taller than the ankle high service boots that were then currently being issued. These new boots also didn't require the canvas boot gator and included two buckles at the top of the boot for easy fastening and secure fitment. The boots worked well in a variety of environments and provided much better support and protection for the U.S. troops.

This specific pair of M-1943 boots was made by order of procurement from the U.S. Quartermaster on Feb 28th, 1945, which is stamped into the top inside portion of the boots. The era correct rough out horsehide has taken on a wonderful patina and is a dark caramel coloration and is soft and supple free of any cracking or tearing. The brass buckles and boot straps at the top of the boot have also achieved a wonderful patina and are in immaculate condition. The original GoodYear rubber heels and soles are in immaculate condition showing very minimal wear. and are also free of cracking or rubber hardening which is common to original boots of this era. The boots also are complete with the original brown colored eyelets and original russet brown waxed cotton laces which would have come standard in 1945.  

These boots are not only a piece of living history they are built better than any available high-end modern boot available today. These boots can be worn daily and can be re- soled an infinite number of times due to the Goodyear welting.

Our CEO and Founder Cameron Barr lives in his vintage boots. These specific M-1943 combat boots were hand selected by Cameron for our curated Vintage Finds Collection . Pair these with a pair of selvage denim jeans, a white tee, and your favorite leather jacket. No need to treat them like a fragile antique as these boots were created to handle more then you will be able to toss at them... Unless you have developed a habit of jumping on hand grenades these boots will get better with time and age and can be passed down if properly serviced from time to time.



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U.S. Army Standard Issue


U.S. Army M-1943 Double Buckle Boots


 Men's Size 8 (Fits Like An 8.5)



Horsehide Leather, Brass, Rubber