1953 Rolex Datejust 18K YG (Ref. 6305) "Ovettone"

$ 23,850

The Rolex Datejust is one of the most iconic and beloved watches made by Rolex. Launched in 1945, it remains a timeless classic and is instantly recognizable as an item of superior quality and functional design.

After Rolex introduced the Datejust in 1945, the brand entered a massive period of expansion that continued through the 1950s as they introduced model after model of now iconic timepieces, most of which still exist in some form today. Though this explosion in manufacturing resulted in impressive growth for the brand, it was also an extremely experimental time for Rolex as well which resulted in rapidly evolving designs. For each new improvement or design update Rolex introduced within a model, there was a new reference created to signify that change, thus resulting in numerous references created for a single model in a small timeframe with extremely small production periods. Making each new reference rare onto itself and for a specific reason.

The earliest Datejust designs introduced had no "Datejust" branding on the dial, the model was only signified through the branding and advertising around the model itself. However, key design features have always been the pillars of the iconic Datejust, including the 36mm case, a fluted bezel, and of course the famous Jubilee bracelet. In the early 1950s, Rolex finally began to brand the Datejust dials which then became standard for the model, though a few examples made it off the production line still lacking the model name, and remain today as especially collectible and sought after among collectors for Rolex of this era specifically.

"Ovettone" roughly translates from Italian as 'Big Egg' and is a term coined by collectors to represent early 36mm models that feature round case backs, more commonly seen in the smaller Bubble-Back Rolex model range, which is why "Ovettones" are also commonly referred to as "Big Bubble-Backs".


Stock # RLXDJ630518K
Brand Rolex
Style Datejust
Model 6305
Serial 98XXXX
Size Men's
Material 18K Yellow Gold
Dial White "Aged"
Millimeters 36
Bracelet Rolex "Swiss Made" 18K YG Jubilee Bracelet


The 18K yellow gold case is in genuinely impressive condition, especially when considering the age of the watch, showing extremely full and symmetrical lugs with only light signs of use while the original hallmark on the back of the case is fully present and intact. The original 18K yellow gold, coin-edge bezel also retains its original design integrity with minimal evidence of previous polishing present and crisp overall finishing throughout. The case retains its original "Rolex Oyster" Brevet screw-down crown. The early and well-preserved "Swiss Made" 18K yellow gold Rolex Jubilee bracelet dates to 1951 and is very likely orignial to the watch, the bracelet retains 18 links that show very mild stretch, especially when considering the age of the watch and will fit up to a 7-inch wrist.


The original, early, and impressively well-preserved white "pie-pan" dial is truly incredible, showing only subtle elements of age that add to the aesthetic charisma of the watch with no actually damage notably present. The radium lume plots around the dial and within the 6 and 9 o'clock markers all remain intact with expected yet only nominal in nature degradation present when inspected under UV light, and featuring and patina that varies in color between dark grey and brown. The orignial yellow gold alpha hands have aged more tan in color, under UV light inspection the minute hand features a missing portion of lume and remains stable while the hour hands remain fully intact. The all-red date wheel is original and era-correct for the reference.


None. The watch was recently serviced and is keeping time perfectly, backed by a 1-year warranty on accurate timekeeping. Fully submerging this watch is not recommended and voids the warranty.

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