Tropical 1955 Enicar Healthways 100 Fathoms (Ref. 100/61-10)

Many Enicar watches host the word ‘Ultrasonic’ beneath the iconic Saturn logo below the 12 o'clock. While the 'Ultrasonic' marker does not indicate a specific reference or style of Enicar, it is actually the name of a technological procedure which they began using in 1953 in their factory in Oensingen, a city located in northern Switzerland. The 'Ultrasonic' process was designed by the Federal Institute of Physics in Zurich. The method was used to clean watch movement parts before assembly, using ultrasonic waves. The institute then further enhanced the technology by formulating a special chemical coating, which was applied to each piece of the movement. The coating prevented lubrication from diffusing throughout, which kept the lubrication in its intended locations within the movement. This process added a significant lifespan to their watches, minimizing the owner's need to seek frequent watch service. This special lubrication process was one of Enicar's prized innovations.

In 1958, Bulova was producing a waterproof diver’s watch for the US Navy’s Experimental Diving Unit (EDU). While the Bulova was under development, the U.S. Navy performed official tests on the Rolex Submariner and the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms but interestingly the Enicar Seapearl 600 was also popular with U.S. Navy divers even though they were in (non-issued). So the U.S. Navy included the Seapearl 600 in the tests as well. there is a great article over at Worn & Wound that outlines this interesting history of the Enicar Seapearl 600, it's for sure worth a read!

While this Healthways 100 Fathoms from Enicar isn't technically a Seapearl, it does share the same case, movement, and almost the same reference number. This is because it is essentially the same model as the Seapearl, but was specifically made for and sold by Healthways Scuba, one of the first American dive gear manufacturers. These gems feature the always charming "turtle" lugs and have beautiful dials that are co-signed with Healthways. 

Stock # ENSP10061-2
Brand Enicar
Style Healthways 100 Fathoms
Model 100/61-10
Serial N/A
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial "Tropical" Black / Brown
Millimeters 35
Strap 2pc Handmade Leather Strap



The unique and early turtle lug case is in excellent condition, showing signs of gentle polishing in the past while it retains strong factory dimensions and angles with light signs of use. The case retains its original Enicar signed crown. The case back retains all of its original factory engravings in deep and crisp condition. The watch will come supplied on a 2pc handmade leather strap. 


The original glossy gilt dial has achieved a beautiful tropical patina consisting of gold, silver, and brown striations throughout the center portion of the dial. The dial does exhibit age and spidering, however, this is apart of the natural patina and adds the unique vintage aesthetic of the dial. The radium lume plots have achieved a handsome sandy tan patina and exhibit no degradation when inspected under UV light. The original radium hands match the dial and features the original "candlestick" second's hand, under UV light inspection the second's hand exhibits some very minor lume loss at its tip and remains stable while the hour and minute hands exhibit no degradation.


None. The watch was recently serviced and is keeping time, backed by a 1-year warranty on accurate timekeeping.

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