1956 R.A.F Issued Omega 6B/159


We are super pleased to offer this vintage Royal Air Force ("R.A.F.") Issued Omega 6B/159 watch.

The Story: In 1956 when Britain's Ministry of Defense ("M.O.D.") needed to supply watches to R.A.F. pilots and navigators they went to the surplus stock of wrist watches from WWII. In 1956 there was an abundance of Omega 30 T2 SC movements available that met the M.O.D. 6B/159 military spec. The M.O.D. modified existing used stocks of the wartime Omega wristwatches by replacing the dials and re-casing the WWII Omega manual 30 T2 SC movements in a more modern stainless steel case. Really cool vibe and history in this functional piece.


Stock # WORAF6B/159
Brand Omega
Style R.A.F./M.O.D. Military Issued
Model Omega R.A.F 6B/159
Serial 9825226
Size Mens
Material SS
Dial Vintage White
Millimeters 36
Bracelet Hand Made Bund Style Strap



The Case is in outstanding condition and possesses the original M.O.D. spec fixed spring bars. The watch will come on a hand made Bund style strap which adds to the overall feel and vibe of this piece.


The dial has aged to a wonderful warm cream coloration. The black arabic non-luminous numbers and signed Omega dial are absolutely stunning. The A.M. on the case back denotes that it is a "daytime" watch where the P.M. or night time watches were black dials with a white luminous material applied to the dial.






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