Universal Geneve

1960s Universal Genève Aero-Compax (Ref. 22704/3) "Type B"

Universal Genève created its first chronograph in 1917 and roughly 18 years later, they launched their first “Compax”. The Aero-Compax iteration was manufactured shortly after in the 1940s as a pilots chronograph just in time for the Second World War. 

The "Type B" Aero-Compax was introduced after the war in the 1950s and kept true to it's heritage. The oversized 38mm case, large arabic numerals and broad hour and minutes hands make the Type B a pure pilots chronograph, powered by a reliable Valjoux 72 movement.


Stock # UGAC227043TB
Brand Universal Genève
Style Pilots Chronograph
Model Aero-Compax
Serial N/A
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial White
Millimeters 38mm
2pc Handmade Leather Strap


The oversized stainless steel case is in excellent condition, though it has been lightly polished in the past the factory chamfers are present down the lugs. The smooth stainless steel bezel is wonderful showing little signs of use. The watch retains its original pushers and "Universal Genève" signed crown. The watch will come supplied on a leather strap of your choosing.


The high visibility white dial features a unique red crosshair under the handstack and large arabic numerals. The dial itself feaures a matte face with a mettalic outer tachymeter scale, which makes for a sublte but interesting format and remains exceptionally clean for it's age. The tritium lume plots all remain present and have taken on a dark patina, under U.V. light inspection only light degradation is visible. The blued stainless steel hands and subsidiary hands all remain in exceptionall condition, under U.V. light inspection the hands exhibit no degradation and have aged lighter than the dial.


None. The watch just received a complete service and is running at COSC spec backed by a 1-year warranty on accurate timekeeping.

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