1975 Seiko Bullhead Chronograph

This is the classic 6138-0040 Seiko Bullhead chronograph. Seiko started producing this timepiece in 1975 and concluded the production in 1978.  The 6138 line of Seiko's are highly collectible for two reasons; the Seiko designed 6138B movement is very precise and highly accurate, and they are a blast back into the iconic design trends of the 1970s. The name Bullhead comes from the unique ergonomic shape of the case which is somewhat slanted being thicker at the top and slimmer at the bottom. Rather than having the crown and chronograph pushers on the right-hand side of the dial, like traditional watches, the movement has been rotated so the crown and pushers are at the top of the dial, at the 12 o'clock position, giving the chronograph pushers a resemblance to the horns of a bull. The theory behind these unique designs is you’re less likely to engage or disengage the chronograph with the pushers at the top, as opposed to the side. The design of the Seiko Bullhead was built around the active sporting lifestyle.

The Seiko Bullhead came in two dial variants; a copper dial with gold subdials and a black dial with light blue subdials. Brown bullheads also come in additional SpeedTimer variants. SpeedTimer Bullhead variants were produced for the Japanese Domestic Market and were sold exclusively in Japan and surrounding areas. The Bullheads produced for the rest of the world wore the standard "Chronograph Automatic" markings. The original offering from Seiko came with a stainless steel bracelet. Many refer to this specific bracelet offering as the fishbone bracelet which is unique in itself as it somewhat resembles the bones of a fish and also is quite comfortable

The Seiko Bullhead chronograph is becoming a bit harder to find and has a bit of a cult following. This watch would look great in a casual setting and would also provide some mojo and vibe to a more formal setting. we would venture to say that this is a more casual watch as it is very unique timepiece all together. We are also quite fond of paring the Bullhead with a leather rally style strap as it fits the vibe and feel of this timepiece and also provides a much more secure feel to this piece as it does have quite a heft and robust build all together!

Stock # SKOBH75
Brand Seiko
Style Chronograph
Model Bullhead Chronograph
Serial 554,XXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Brown/ Mocha
Millimeters 43.5
Bracelet Seiko Fishbone Bracelet



The case of this Seiko Bullhead has been recently polished and the original "fishbone" style bracelet has all also been polished and restored. The crystal has also been replaced with a genuine Seiko acrylic replacement and is in NOS condition. The bracelet does show some stretch and wear but this is common with this style of the original vintage bracelet. The tachymeter bezel shows a wonderful patina and has aged to a wonderful rich burnt copper coloration that also fits the over all feel and patina of this specific example.


The dial is in original condition and is the "Export" version as it differs slightly from the Japanese version by reading "Seiko Chronograph Automatic" where as the Japanese version displayed "Seiko Speedtimer"  The dial shows the wonderful brown color that is dark towards the outside that gently fades into a lighter mocha color in the center of the dial. The hands are also original to this specific example and also possess a light patina that adds a charming true vintage look and feel to this specific timepiece.


None. Watch was recently serviced and is running at COSC spec.

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