1980s Cartier Ladies Santos Carrée Two-Tone (Ref. 0902)

The Cartier name is synonymous with luxury and has been since the brand's inception in 1847. Offering bespoke and unique jewelry to the world’s elite allowed Cartier to grow steadily through the 19th century and eventually introduced new offerings to their clientele.

Cartier’s first timepiece was the world's first men's wristwatch and aviation watch that was introduced in 1904, only a year after the Wright Brothers' famous first flight in 1903. The inspiration for this timepiece came from Louis-Francois Cartier’s close friend Alberto Santos-Dumont, an early Brazilian pioneer in aviation, after becoming frustrated using a pocket watch to time his flights, which during this time were under a minute. The Santos-Dumont hit Cartier's showrooms in 1911 with a Jaeger-LeCoultre movement and introduced the rest of the world to the iconic Art Deco design that remains only slightly changed today. 

Stock # CTRSC0902
Brand Cartier
Style Santos Carrée
Model 0902
Serial 90XX
Size Women's
Material 18K Yellow Gold / Stainless Steel
Dial White Roman
Millimeters 24X34.5
Bracelet Cartier Two-Tone Bracelet


The wonderful two-tone case exhibits very gentle signs of previous polishing and retains its original angles and dimensions with light signs of use present. The 18K yellow gold bezel exhibits gentle signs of use and no notable dents or damage. The case retains its original faceted sapphire crown. The case back retains all of the original factory markings along with most of the original red enamel. The original Cartier two-tone bracelet is in excellent condition, showing no stretch, and will fit up to a 6-inch wrist.


The original white Roman numeral dial is flawless. The original blued hands are flawless.


None. That watch is keeping time perfectly, backed by a 1-year warranty on accurate timekeeping.

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