Naoya Hida

2023 Naoya Hida & Co. (Type 1D) "No. 002"

Naoya Hida has quickly made a name for itself since the brand's inception in 2018, and for good reason. The Tokyo-based horology group is small and extremely detail-oriented, so the wristwatches they create have an execution that feels distinctly hands-on but with diminutive produced numbers. Most Naoya Hido models are created in runs of only 10-20 pieces over the course of a few years, with only a few models in production at a time. The limited nature of Naoyo Hida watches is very much so intentional, as they only want to produce the highest quality handmade wristwatches possible and refuse to sacrifice quality for efficiency in the manufacturing processes. The result of this hard work is incredibly balanced and beautiful watches that feature impressive dials that rival the most intricate designers that have been around for centuries. 

2023 Naoya Hida & Co. (Type 1D) "No. 002"  

The Type 1D perfectly represents everything Naoyo Hida & Co. strives for in watchmaking, and is an objectively gorgeous wristwatch. The multi-dimensional dial constructed of German silver features layers on layers of perfectly executed hand finishing for a painstakingly impressive aesthetic that does everything but disappoint. However, the real star of the dial is the hand-engraved Breguet numerals that look just as good under a microscope as they do on wrist. The case of the Type 1D is made using 904L stainless steel, the same grade of steel used by Rolex, and this is for its highly corrosion-resistant properties despite it being a notoriously challenging material to work with. The Type 1D is powered by the cal. 3019SS, which is oddly a heavily modified version of a Valjoux cal. 7750 chronograph movement with the chronograph and automatic winding system of the movement removed. This was done to achieve the small second's hand location at 9 o'clock, thus achieving the signature asymmetry of the Type 1D that perfectly completes the look.


Stock # NHCTYP1D
Brand Naoya Hida & Co.
Style Dress Watch
Model Type 1D
Serial No. 002
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial German Silver "Breguet Numerals"
Millimeters 37
Bracelet 2pc Handmade Leather Strap



The exceptional case is in near-new condition with almost no elements of previous wear present. The case back is in flawless condition and is marked with the engraving "No.002" which details this specific model as the second Type 1D ever produced. The watch comes supplied on a 2pc Handmade Craft + Tailored Strap.


The dial and hands are flawless.


None. The watch is running and keeping time perfectly.

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