1970 Tudor Submariner (Ref. 7016/0) "Military Swim School Watch"

U.S. Navy UWSS Patch

This specific Tudor Submariner 7016/0 "lollipop" is not only not often seen, but this specific example was issued by the USN Underwater Swim School as a piece of key diving equipment in 1970. The U.S. Naval School OF Underwater Swimmers (UWSS) was located in Key West, Florida and welcomed its first class in 1954. The U.S.N UWSS trained over 6000 divers before officially closing its doors in l973. Students came from all branches of the U.S. military, from several civilian government departments, and from allied forces and were the starting point for U.S. Navy Seals and UDT teams.

UWSS Dive School Class

U.S. Navy UWSS Class During Pool SCUBA Training circa 1968

Tudor Submariners, much like the other Submariners produced by Rolex and have a long-standing history and were supplied to military forces including the U.S. Navy and the Marine Nationale (French Navy) 

UWSS Diver Watch

UWSS Diver School diver wearing Tudor 7016/0 on a training mission Key West, FL circa 1970  

This specific example would make a great addition to a growing collection or be a great first piece as it retains the classic and timeless look of the Submariner while being unique and eye-catching as a result of the unique dial and hand configuration 

Stock # TDRSUB7470160
Brand Tudor
Style Submariner
Model 7016/0
Serial 74XXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Black
Millimeters 40
Bracelet Tudor 9315 Oyster bracelet with 380b end pieces



The case of this 1974 Ref. 7016/0 has been previously polished but retains its full and thick lugs. The insert remains in good condition and retains a deep black coloration. The lume filled pearl remains partially intact at the 12 o'clock position on within the insert. The caseback is engraved with UWSS 20 which is light but still present and visible detonation issuance by the U.S. Navy Underwater Swim School aka the"UWSS". The Tudor 9315 oyster bracelet with 380B end pieces show normal stretch for its age.


The dial remains in pristine original condition without any marks or blemishes. The lume and hands have a matching white creamy patina that matches the age of this fantastic example. The tritium lume on the dial and within the hands has been inspected with UV light and shows no lume loss or lume degradation. The watch retains the uncommon and highly desirable "lollipop" sweep seconds hand. 


None, The watch was just recently serviced and is backed by a 1-year warranty of accurate timekeeping.

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