Craft & Tailored

Textured Calfskin Watch Strap - Apollo

$ 65

What comes to mind when you hear the word "Apollo"? Whether your imagination transports you to thoughts of ancient Greek mythology or the thrill of a historic moon landing, the "Apollo" strap would be apt for either narrative. With a mutual adoration for the cosmos, both of the Apollo legends are iconic. Use this sophisticated strap to elevate your Oyster-Perpetual, or to pair with your classic Speedmaster, either way, you'll find yourself with a match made in the astrological heavens. 

The Details

The elegance of our textured calfskin watch straps began in Italy, where they were crafted by hand to perfection with supple, yet strong Italian textured calfskin leather. Finished in a full stitch style with a soft full-back lining for added comfort. Our textured calfskin straps come in 18mm, 19mm, and 20mm sizes and taper down to fit a standard 16mm buckle. A stainless steel buckle is included with the strap (A gold buckle can be added by request.)

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