1918 Mappin Campaign Sterling Silver

Before World War I, most watches came in the form of the pocket variety, with wristwatches being far less popular. But during the War, when the soldiers in the trenches needed a timepiece that could be read quickly and easily while holding a rifle, those pocket watches got modified into wristwatches—or wristlets, as they were often referred to back then—to make them much more usable. Fittingly, those watches came to be known as trench watches. 

This 1918 Mappin Campaign is one such trench watch – and a beautiful example of one at that, branded by Mappin and Webb, a British jeweler with roots that date back to 1775. A pedigree like that makes this a very hard example to pass up.

Stock # MP1438531
Brand Mappin
Style Campaign
Model N/A
Serial 14XXXX
Size Men's
Material Sterling Silver
Dial White Porcelain
Millimeters 34
Bracelet 2pc Fitted Leather Strap



The sterling silver case is in wonderful overall condition showing very little of its 100+ years of age, the fixed wire lugs are typical of a trench watch of this era and these remain fully intact. The case retains its original onion-style crown, and the flip-open case back is clean with no markings. The watch will be supplied on a black leather strap.


The porcelain dial is still stark white with black Breguet-style numerals except for 12 o’clock, which is red. The dial does exhibit some hairline factures which is extremely common for these dials. The sub-dial at the 6 o’clock position and blued hands provide a sophisticated, uniquely vintage look that matches the overall feel and presence of this piece.


None. The watch is running and keeping time, previous service history is unknown.