1918 Rolex Sterling Silver Officer Trench Watch

Before Hans Wilsdorf created the first waterproof watch the Rolex "Oyster" in 1926, the Rolex brand made high-quality wristwatches and pocket watches. During the first world war, Rolex manufactured "Officer Trench watches" that were issued to various armies around the world.

Brand Rolex
Style Officer's Trench Watch
Model N/A
Serial 70XXXX
Size Men's
Material Sterling Silver
Dial White Porcelain
Millimeters 34
Bracelet Canvas Single-Pass NATO Strap



The sterling silver pocket watch-style case is both charming and in great condition, the back opens to reveal the movement and the top of the watch opens to show the dial. The large onion crown is believed to be an early replacement which is common on these watches. The watch features its original engraving. The watch comes supplied on a canvas single-pass NATO strap.


The white porcelain enamel dial is a beautiful representation of early Rolex watchmaking and is well preserved for its age. The porcelain dial does show some hairline cracks which is expected for a watch from this era and features a more substantial crack underneath the crystal, which is only visible when the top of the case is open.


None. The watch is running, previous service history is unknown.