1940s Enicar Sport "Enamel Dial"

Enicar today, though still relatively unknown, is known for being one of the more creatively designed vintage “golden era” watches that are still reasonably priced for the quality they offer. Enicar started its roots in La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland in 1913, and are best known for their sport models of the 60s and early 70s, however, earlier Enicar watches are an excellent value proposition with high quality in craftsmanship and unique designs. 

Stock # ENSPT
Brand Enicar
Style Sport
Model N/A
Serial N/A
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial White Enamel
Millimeters 34
Bracelet 2pc Leather Strap



The wonderful case has been lightly polished in the past and retains strong dimensions with light signs of honest use. The crown is likely an early replacement. The case back remains in excellent condition. The watch comes supplied on a 2pc leather strap.


The white enamel dial is beautiful and remains in lovely condition for its age, there is a light crack that is visible on the right side of the dial. The original radium lume Arabic numerals have aged to a dark coloration and display light degradation in some of the numerals. The original hands have been professionally restored with radium to match the dial patina.


None. The watch was recently serviced and is keeping time perfectly, backed by a 1-year warranty on accurate timekeeping.