1940s Gruen Spider "10K GF"

As an American watch company based in Ohio, Gruen produced cleverly designed timepieces that housed Swiss-made movements, and the brand was once the largest watch company in the entire United States. Gruen's catalog was extensive, diverse, and at some points eccentric - and this 1940s Gruen "Spider" has a bit of it all

At its core, the Gruen Spider is nothing more than a simple time-only watch with a small circular case. However, it is surrounded by an almost free floating cage then is attached by gorgeously twisted, narrow lugs. The end product is a truly unique case with a silhouette that is reminiscent of a spider, and the model is easily one of the most distinct pieces from Gruen’s archives.

Stock # GRNSPR10K
Brand Gruen
Style Spider
Model N/A
Serial N/A
Size Men's
Material 10K Gold Filled
Dial Silver "Aged"
Millimeters 30x30
Strap 2pc Leather Strap



Without a doubt, the party piece of the Gruen Spider is its stunning case, and this example is in excellent overall condition. Every point of space along the watch’s 10k gold-filled case draws your gaze to the next in a nearly never-ending flow from curve to curve, and all of the watch’s intricate lines remain crisp with its brilliant gold coating fully intact. Completing the watch is a simple and classic black two-piece leather strap.


The dial is a lightly aged champagne color with applied teardrop-shaped hour markers and a milled sub-seconds register. The hour and minute hands are stretched, tapered sword shapes that match the indexes in a truly unique way and compliment the watch’s unique and intricate case shape. Neither the dial nor hands features luminous material, which leaves clean polished gold surfaces that match the 10k gold finish of the case.


None. The watch is running, previous service history is unknown.