1940s Hamilton Gordan 18K YG Cal. 982

Hamilton was founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1882 and initially specialized in producing pocket watches. The brand boasts a long and impressive history of breakthroughs in design and technology, and while probably best known for their military associations and fantastic field watches, they've put out some really remarkable outliers as well.

Case in point, this beautifully elegant 18K yellow gold piece from the 1940s. The small, rectangular case, gold markers, and small seconds all come together perfectly to offer a unique alternative to a Cartier Tank. And at a lot more affordable a price point.  


Stock # HAM14K982
Brand Hamilton
Style Dress Watch
Model Cal. 982
Serial S09XXXX
Size Men's
Material 18K Yellow Gold
Dial Silver
Millimeters 22x36
Bracelet 2pc Leather Strap


The solid 18K yellow gold case is exceptional, showing only minimal signs of previous use. The case retains a Hamilton-signed yellow gold crown. The case back is remarkably clean for a watch of its age. The watch is supplied on a 2-piece lizard leather strap.


The stunning silver dial remains bright in coloration and is in excellent and original condition, showing no blemishes and only minimal signs of age. The gold hands and hour indices are in exceptional condition.


None. The watch is keeping time and functioning perfectly, previous service history is unknown.