1943 Rolex Two-Tone Viceroy (Ref. 3359) W/ RSC Letters, Invoice, & RSC Box

Finding a Rolex watch that is accompanied by service papers isn’t impossible, however, to find a Rolex watch of this vintage, and with this level of extensive Rolex to customer correspondence is, to say the least impressive. The extensive paperwork provided with this 1943 Rolex Viceroy ref. 3359 details the correspondence from Rolex to the watch's original owner in reference to the watch's service in the summer of 1983. These letters and invoices tell a tale of a man who believed in the mechanical prestige of his Rolex watch and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer even as Rolex suggested he retire his cherished ref. 3359. Rolex goes on to detail that the watch may be beyond repairable condition and that the work they perform on the watch could no longer be guaranteed. Rolex continues their candor in an almost humorous fashion saying that they no longer manufacture the parts needed and that they don’t want to say “I told you so” if the watch fails to meet their standards.

Though this is remarkable provenance for this Rolex Viceroy ref. 3359, what all of this does provide is an insight into a time when Rolex was a much younger brand than they are today. A time when they were able to provide thorough and personalized responses to their customers based on their capabilities at the time.

After the service was all said and done, Rolex managed the bring the watch back to operating condition. They replaced the hands of the watch, refinished the luminous material, overhauled the moment, and polished the case, as detailed in the documents provided. As the watch stands today, almost as a testament to the watchmaking capabilities of Rolex from its beginning to now, is running perfectly, keeping excellent time, and now has an incredible story to go along with it.

Stock # RLXVRY3359
Brand Rolex
Style Viceroy
Model 3359
Serial 285XXX
Size Men's
Material SS/ Rose Gold
Dial Glossy Black
Millimeters 29.5
Bracelet 2pc Leather Strap



The geometrical Viceroy case has a wonderful aesthetic and gives the watch more presence than expected. The case was previously polished by Rolex in 1983, as detailed in the provided documents, and shows light signs of honest use. The rose gold bezel has been polished as well, though it does retain its original markings for each hour. The crystal was recently replaced for legibility of the dial, the watch will include the crystal that was paired with the watch during its 1983 service. The watch retains its original rose gold capped screw-down “Oyster Patent” crown. The serial and reference engravings between the lugs remain legible and visible to the naked eye. The watch will come supplied on a 2pd leather strap.


The glossy gilt dial has a beautiful vintage appearance and has taken on a deep brown coloration that is apparent in the sunlight. The dial retains its glossy finish and does show age, with spidering that is consistent through the dial and light corrosion on the markers. The lume plots were restored by Rolex during its 1983 service and have aged to a lovely golden coloration. The gold alpha hands were replaced during the watch’s 1983 service as well, and show normal age and oxidation, under U.V. light inspection they exhibit no degradation.


The purchase of this watch includes all of the letters and invoices from Rolex's Consumer Service Division for its 1983 service interval and the Rolex service box that the watch was returned in. The watch is keeping excellent time and functioning perfectly.