1944 Omega Jumbo (Ref. 2325/5) "Radial Dial" Cal. 30T2


1944 Omega Jumbo (Ref. 2325/5) "Radial Dial" Cal. 30T2The cal. 30T2 is a time only manual wind movement that Omega created in 1939, and became a large benefactor for building Omega's early reputation of making accurate and quality timepieces. The cal. 30T2 is essentially a robust but simple base movement that is very versatile in its adaptability, in fact, variations of the cal. 30T2 was produced until 1963. This legendary movement wasn't only for civilian use either, as the British military issued a massive contract with Omega to produce chronometer rated timepieces for their soldiers that all housed a modified cal. 30T2 movement.

Stock # OMJ2325
Brand Omega
Style Oversized
Model 2325/5
Serial 101XXXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Silver Radial
Millimeters 37
Bracelet 2pc Handmade Leather Strap



The oversized 1940s clamshell-style stainless steel case remains in superb condition. The case retains its original and unique crown. The watch will come on a 2pc leather strap of your choosing.


This beautiful early style Omega dial has such an interesting format, the radial type crosshair dial is extremely unique and very special. The warm dial shows consistent patina throughout but is heavier on the right side. The radium lume plots remain in excellent condition, under U.V. light inspection there is degradation at the top of the 3 o'clock marker the rest of the markers remain fully intact. The original radium hour and minute hands and blued steel sweep seconds hand are in excellent vintage condition, under U.V. light inspection the minute hand displays some lume loss, the hour hand shows no degradation.


None. Watch just received a complete service and is backed by a 1-year warranty on accurate timekeeping.