Universal Geneve

*Unpolished* 1944 Universal Genève Tri-Compax (Ref. 22258)

Universal Genève created its first chronograph in 1917 and roughly 18 years later, they launched their first “Compax” in which many variations were to follow. Vintage Universal Genève’s sports watches are particularly sought after thanks to their variety, unique designs, and larger sports watch case sizing.

Although Universal Geneve created a variety of very notable and collectible watches, they are most known for their esteemed chronographs, and of those chronographs, the Tri-Compax stands out as being their most recognizable range of watches. Created to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary, the Tri-Compax was introduced in 1944 as the new flagship mainstay for Universal Geneve. Featuring not only a fully functional chronograph function, the Tri-Compax impressively houses both triple calendar and moon phase complications into their relatively compact design. It's the Tri-Compax's complex design presented in a tasteful and legible dial layout that has made the model so beloved and cherished for collectors today.


Stock # UGTC22258
Brand Universal Geneve
Style Tri-Compax
Model 22258
Serial 106XXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Silver
Millimeters 35mm
Gay Frères stainless steel bracelet


The beautiful and unpolished case is remarkably well preserved with all of its factory dimensions and finishing full intact. The case retains its original square pushers, and the unsigned crown is believed to remain original as well. The rare Gay Freres ladder-link bracelet is is very good original condition showing some stretch from use, which is common for the style and age of the bracelet.


The early Tri-Compax dial has a gorgeous vintage aesthetic and remains in its original condition. The dial has some marks and spots present, and is in overall very impressive condition for its age. The moonphse disc has taken a lovely golden patina. The hands all remain original to the watch.