1960s Enicar Sherpa SuperDive (Ref. 145/006)



Patented in 1956 by Ervin Piquerez SA (EPSA), the SuperCompressor case possessed a unique sealing system that set it apart from other dive watch cases of the day. When exposed to higher water pressure, the spring-loaded case back of the SuperCompressor case sealed even tighter. Another innovation with the SuperCompressor was its a three-pronged approach to securing the bezel. Whereas the bezels of most dive watches of the period rotated in both directions--running the risk of the diver miscalculating the amount of air left in his tank--the bezel of the SuperCompressor included an internal timing ring, only rotated in one direction, and locked.  The diver must rotate the bezel with an additional crown, giving the SuperCompressor case its distinctive twin crown appearance. While not the best innovation in practice (due to the difficulty of manipulating a crown with diving gloves), the SuperCompressor case gained popularity. Dozens of other brands released dive watches with SuperCompressor cases, the most notable being Jaeger-LeCoultre, Enicar, Universal Genève, and IWC. 

With a long history of versatile sports watches, the Enicar company made wide use of the supercompressor technology producing many different references and iterations of this style of diving watch. Impressive enough for military implementation the Polish Navy issued their soldiers Enicar SuperDives as the registered diving watch of their military. The SuperDive is adorned by collectors for its high visibility stylistic design. With large, trapezoidal, tritium markers and cigarette style hour and minute hands featuring a lollipop sweep seconds hand.



Stock # ENSD-145006
Brand Enicar
Style Super Compressor
Model Super-Dive
Serial 72XXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Black
Millimeters 40mm
Bracelet 20mm 2pc Leather Strap


The excellent case retains its original case profiling, showing some wear from use, but remain in overall excellent vintage condition. The case retains both of its original Enicar signed crowns. The top crown is used to adjust the inner bezel ring, the lower to wind the watches movement and set the time. The watch will come supplied on a 2pc Leather Strap or a NATO band of your choosing.


The well preserved, beautiful glossy black dial, remains in superb vintage condition. The large trapezoid and box lume plots have aged to a stunning yellow coloration the creates an eye-catching contrast, and show no lume loss or degradation when inspected under U.V. light. The original cigarette style hands watch the lume plots perfectly and when inspected under U.V. light, show as fully intact as well. The date wheel displays numerals in red, which is correct for this piece. 


None. The watch is running at spec when placed on the timing scope but extended service history is unknown.