Audemars Piguet

1960s Audemars Piguet Calatrava 18K YG Cal. 18C

Although Audemars Piguet may be best known for their Royal Oak series, notably designed by Gerald Genta, the brand has had a long lineage of interesting timepieces both before the conceptualization of the Royal Oak and after. Primarily consisting of precious metals, Audemars Piguet produced some highly collectible chronographs and dress models, many of which were stylistically very ahead of their time.

Stock # APC18C
Brand Audemars Piguet
Style Calatrava
Model Cal. 18C
Serial 17XXX
Size Men's
Material 18K YG
Dial White
Millimeters 35
Strap Audemars Piguet Patent Crocodile Leather Strap W/ 18k Yellow Gold Buckle



At first glance, you might mistake this as just any other Calatrava-style case, but the devil is in the details. The 18k yellow gold case measures in at 35mm, with a lightly sloped bezel and small, ridged crown fit flush to the wall of the case. That wall, upon closer inspection, becomes our first detail. In a beautiful piece of design, the mid-case recedes ever so slightly so that the top and bottom of the case hangover. Besides creating a simple and elegant bit of contrast, this recession also allows for the anchoring of the second detail. This AP features a stunning set of angled lugs that somehow feel simultaneously velvet soft and sword sharp. The watch is supplied on a 2pc Audemars Piguet patent crocodile leather strap and 18k yellow gold buckle.


The metallic white dial is classic and perfectly preserved. Thin gold hour markers are matched by gold pencil hands. The dial is perfectly balanced, even down to its textual spacing. No dial could have done more with as little.


None. The watch was recently serviced and is keeping time perfectly, backed by a 1-year warranty on accurate timekeeping.