1960s Elgin Incabloc Chronograph (Ref. 3340) Valjoux Cal. 7733

Elgin was a watch company originating from Elgin, Illinois and was founded in 1864 under the name "National Watch Company" and officially became "Elgin National Watch Company" in 1874. The first wristwatch for Elgin came into production in 1910 and in the Second World War, Elgin produced both watches and military instruments for the United States Military. Unfortunately, Elgin disbanded in the year 1968. All US manufacturing discontinued and the Elgin name was sold. After the Elgin names initial sale, the name passed through several hands which resulted in some interesting pieces that were manufactured under the Elgin name from all over the world.

Here at Craft + Tailored we love when a vintage watch has some vibe and style, and this Elgin Incabloc Chronograph doesn't disappoint. The metallic blue sunburst dial features flashes of gold, red, and silver speckled throughout from a natural patina, the minute register offers and complimentary pop of color with its regatta countdown timer, and the bright orange lollipop chronograph hand ties the whole dial together. The Unpolished case provides rugged sharp angles while the very unique brick-style stretch bracelet provides an element of subtlety. There's no doubt this Elgin chronograph is fun, but it's also worthy of the most prestigious watch drawers as it's powered by the revered Valjoux cal. 7733 chronograph movement.


Stock # ELG7733
Brand Elgin
Style Chronograph
Model 3340
Serial 49XX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Metallic Blue
Millimeters 38mm
Bracelet Stainless Steel Brick-Style Stretch Bracelet


The unpolished case displays sharp angles with honest signs of use. The original metallic blue bezel insert shows honest signs of use and provides an attractive matching aesthetic to the rest of the timepiece. The case retains its original unsigned crown and pump pushers. The case back retains all of its factory engravings in visible condition, though lightly softened through wear. The stainless steel brick-style, fold over stretch bracelet was sourced with the watch and is in wonderful original condition, displaying almost no stretch and can adjust to fit any size wrist. 


The metallic blue sunburst dial features a stunning speckled patina consisting of gold, red, and silver. The sub-dials remain in excellent and clean condition. The tritium lume plots have aged to a greenish, sandy patina and exhibit no degradation when inspected under U.V. light. The original tritium hands match the dial perfectly and show no degradation under U.V. light inspection.


The watch is functioning and keeping time perfectly, previous service history is unknown.