1960s Enicar Aqua Graph Ref. 072-02-02

Enicar watches are being recognized for both the class of fine Swiss moments and by the unique feature sets and designs of the golden era of the wrist watch which we here at Craft and Tailored appreciate so very much. The Enicar Aqua Graph is based on the Valjoux 72 movement and highlights a 40 mm compressor style case that wears easily on the wrist. The panda like chronograph dial is highly legible and creates a stunning look even across the room when on a wrist. One unique feature that you will notice in some of the vintage Enicar sports models of watches is that they feature a unique bezel that has two independently rotating bezels one of which is s standard bezel to measure elapsed time and another that comes in the form of a red ring that enables the wearer to time two separate events. The vibe factor and functionality of this specific Enicar reference are just down right cool and is making this vintage timepiece relevant even in today's modern place in time.

This specific example from the mid-1960's would make a great vintage daily driver for the man who appreciates the elements of the vintage matte dial sports watch but craves something that is different and unique in a class of its own. Vintage Enicar watches are becoming increasingly harder and harder to find due to the limited production numbers of these rare examples and due to increasing demand due to the increasing awareness and due to the collector market holding onto these pieces in the private collections...

Stock # ENAG60-0720202
Brand Enicar
Style Enicar Aqua Graph
Model 072-02-02
Serial 107XXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Matte Black "Panda"
Millimeters 40
Bracelet Enicar Beads Of Rice Stainless Steel  



The sharp case remains in original sharp condition and retains the original Enicar cross-hatch crown. The original Enicar jubilee style bracelet shows very minimal stretch and also remains in top condition. The original insert retains its tritium pearl and had taken on a striking patina and the case back also remains in outstanding condition showing the oyster and pearl embossed image clearly.


The panda like dial remains in original condition and shows no blemishing or any defects. The dial and hands have been inspected under U.V. light and show no lume degradation. The tritium lume plots on the dial and within the tritium filled hands have taken on a pleasing and highly sought after golden patina.


None. The watch is running perfectly and is keeping time at COSC spec