1960s Eterna-Matic KonTiki 20 (Ref. 130FTT)

Many iconic timepieces have been closely associated with expeditions especially in the tool watch category – from the highest mountain accents to the deepest depths of the ocean even into outer space the need for accurate timekeeping has always been a top priority. The 1947 KonTiki expedition was not about setting records, it was a trek by raft from South America to the Polynesian Islands to establish indigenous Polynesians are descendants of South America and not from Central Asia. The guide of the expedition wore an Eterna on his wrist and in 1958, Eterna selected the KonTiki designation for its most rugged line in tribute to Thor Heyerdahl’s odyssey.



Stock # EMK20130FTT
Brand Eterna-Matic
Style KonTiki 20
Model 130FTT
Serial 530XXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Silver
Millimeters 37mm
Bracelet Gay Freres Stainless Steel Beads of Rice Bracelet


The excellent case appears to have been possibly lightly polished in the past showing its original factory dimensions with honest signs of use. The case retains its original screw-down crown. The case back retains its original Kon Tiki medallion in crisp condition. The original Gay Freres Kontiki beads of rice bracelet with KH end pieces is stamped 4/67 retains all of its original links that show only minimal stretch from use. 


The silver sunburst dial is in beautiful condition and features a charming speckled patina throughout. The original tritium lume plots have taken on a handsome creamy patina and exhibit no degradation when inspected under U.V. light. The original tritium hands match the dial perfectly and show no degradation under U.V. light inspection, the hands retain their original black enamel inlay as well. 


None. The watch was recently serviced and is keeping time perfectly, backed by a 1-year warranty of accurate timekeeping.