1961 Eterna-Matic Super KonTiki (Ref. 130PTX) "Tropical"

Many iconic timepieces have been closely associated with expeditions especially in the tool watch category – from the highest mountain accents to the deepest depths of the ocean even into outer space the need for accurate timekeeping has always been a top priority. The 1947 KonTiki expedition was not about setting records, it was a trek by raft from South America to the Polynesian Islands to establish indigenous Polynesians are descendants of South America and not from Central Asia. The guide of the expedition wore an Eterna on his wrist and in 1958, Eterna selected the KonTiki designation for its most rugged line in tribute to Thor Heyerdahl’s odyssey.


This extremely rare execution of the Super KonTiki has a gorgeous tropical dial, remains completely unpolished, with the original Gay Freres bracelet and very rare decompression bezel that has taken on an excellent blue fade. It is rare to find such complete examples in such stellar vintage condition.


Stock # EMSK130
Brand Eterna-Matic
Style Super KonTiki
Model 130PTX
Serial 454XXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Glossy Black "Tropical"
Millimeters 36.5mm
Bracelet Gay Freres Stainless Steel Beads of Rice Bracelet


The excellent case remains unpolished showing honest wear. The rare decompression bezel is in wonderful condition and has taken on a wonderful blue/gray fade. The case back retains the solid gold KonTiki emblem. The original G+F beads of rice bracelet is stamped 2/62 showing normal stretch this era of bracelet.


The original gilt dial has taken on a beautiful tropical patina. The radium lume plots show as fully intact under U.V. light inspection and have taken on a wonderful yellow coloration. The radium lume hands match the dial perfectly and show no lume loss or degradation under U.V. light inspection.


None. The watch is running at spec and is in perfect working condition and received a recent service according to the previous owner.