1960s Gallet MultiChron 12H Chronograph "Jim Clark"

The name Gallet & Co. has been synonymous with horology for 550 years dating back to the year 1466 when founded by Humbertus Gallet. Gallet & Co. introduced some of the most useful wristwatch complications of today including the first wrist-worn chronograph, regatta timer, and GMT chronograph. Gallet today remains well respected among vintage collectors alike and appreciated for its fine attention to detail and wonderfully executed wristwatches.

1960s Gallet MultiChron 12H Chronograph "Jim Clark"

The Gallet MultiChron 12H is a celebrated chronograph of the 1960s. Worn famously by the late F1 racing champion and watch enthusiast, Jim Clark, who also won the Indy 500 with his MultiChron 12H on wrist. Powered by either a Valjoux 72 or Excelsior Park 40 manual wound moments. This particular MultiChron 12H features a Valjoux 72 movement with perfectly preserved black gilt dial,  unpolished case and original Rowi beads of rice bracelet. 

Stock # GLTCHRO60
Brand Gallet
Style Chronograph
Model MultiChron 12H
Serial N/A
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Glossy Black "GILT"
Millimeters 37
Bracelet Rowi Fixo-Flex "Beads of Rice" Bracelet


The unpolished case is absolutely stunning, exhibiting strong factory finishing with little signs of wear. The case retains its original pushers and unsigned crown. The era correct Rowi Fixo-Flex "BoR" bracelet is in practically unworn condition showing no signs of wear and comes with additional links.


The black glossy gilt chronograph dial with Arabic numeral markers and silver print has a remarkable aesthetic, and the dial condition is perfect. The original tritium lume has aged to an excellent green coloration, under U.V. light inspection the lume remains flawless, exhibiting no degradation. The original tritium syringe hands match the dial perfectly, exhibiting no degradation when inspected under U.V. light.


Watch comes with Rowi Fixo-Flex bracelet box with additional links. The watch is running at spec, previous service history is unknown.