1970s Wakmann Triple Calendar Chronograph (Ref. 1315.30.74) "Jumbo"

Poised and ready to turn heads, this oversized Wakmann Triple Calendar Chronograph features numerous complications in a strategic dial layout to maximize legibility and aesthetics thanks to its striking yet simple color palette and reverse panda dial. The 39 mm case wears extremely well and holds up well to modern sizing standards while maintaining its vintage appeal. The Valjoux cal. 730 movement is based on the famous Valjoux cal. 72 and remains just as reliable and consistent.

Stock # WKM13153074
Brand Wakmann
Style Triple Calendar Chronograph
Model 1315.30.74
Serial N/A
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial Black "Reverse Panda"
Millimeters 39mm
Bracelet 2pc Handmade Leather Strap



The jumbo stainless steel case retains sharp factory lines and is believed to remain in unpolished condition featuring light signs of use. The case retains its original pump pushers and Wakmann signed crown. The original case back engravings remain crisp and in excellent condition. The watch will come supplied on a 2pc handmade leather strap.


The reverse panda matte black dial stepped dial is in exceptionally well-preserved condition, exhibiting only very minimal signs of age. The white sub-dials remain bright white and in perfect condition. All of the hands remain original to the watch and the lumed cigarette-style hands to a handsome creamy yellow coloration and exhibit no degradation when inspected under U.V. light.


None. The watch was recently serviced and is keeping time and functioning perfectly, backed by a 1-year warranty of accurate timekeeping.