1960's Wittnauer Super Compressor (Ref. 8007)

The Super Compressor case was developed by Ervin Piquerez S.A. (EPSA) in the late 1950s with production lasting into the 1970s. The term "Super Compressor" comes from a Patented design that Ervin Piquerez S.A. (EPSA) created in which the case sealing method actually became more watertight with increased pressure as a result of increasing depth. The design is complex yet simple in that the deeper in-depth that the watch when the more watertight the watch would become as a result. The increased pressure by design would allow the case-back to press against the O-ring gasket within the mid-case again increasing water resistance. Super compressors leverage two crowns, one that operates the winding and setting of the watch and one that operates an inner rotating bezel ring which is also a unique design feature specific to super compressors that allows for greater security of setting the inner timing bezel inside of the watch instead of externally whereas if the bezel was located externally it could be bumped out of position rendering an accurate measurement of elapsed time. 

Brands that utilized the super compressor cases included Longines, Hamilton, Universal Genéve, and Enicar. The Super Compressor cases came in two sizes: 42mm, as seen in vintage Longines Skin Divers, and 36mm, as seen in watches like this Wittnauer 8007. 



Stock # WTNSC8006-3
Brand Wittnauer
Style Super Compressor Diver
Model 8006
Serial N/A
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial Matte Black
Millimeters 36
Strap 2pc Handmade Leather Strap


The strong case has been gently polished in the past and retains strong dimensions and symmetry throughout the lugs while also retaining the original geometry of the lugs. The case retains its original twin cross-hatch Wittnauer-signed Super Compressor crowns. The case back exhibits gentle signs of use. The watch comes supplied on a 2pc handmade leather strap.


The original matte black dial is virtually flawless showing no damage or notable age. The inner rotating bezel is also in exceptional condition showing almost no age and no damage. The tritium lume on the dial and inner bezel has achieved a beautifully vibrant matching golden patina with no degradation present under UV light inspection. The original tritium hands match the dial perfectly, under UV light inspection the hands exhibit some minor surface cracking and remain stable.


None. The watch is keeping time, but the service history is unknown. A movement service can be provided upon request.