1964 Bulova Snorkel Selfwinding Divers Watch 666 Feet

This 1964 Bulova Snorkel Selfwinding Divers watch has some cool mojo. First the dial reflects a depth rating of "666" which by some has a voodoo type of reference, we personally like the nod to the counter culture element and the exact depth rating of 666ft... why not 665 feet or 667?... that is pretty unequivocal don't you agree. This timepiece has all of the elements we love about the mid to early "Golden Era" spec divers.

Stock # BV64SNKL
Brand Bulova
Style Selfwinding Divers 
Model Snorkel
Serial M4
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Black
Millimeters 35mm
Bracelet C&T NATO Strap



The case is in superb original condition, unpolished and showing signs of gentle use. This watch will be supplied on a Craft & Tailored NATO strap.

Dial & Hands

This dial on this 1964 Bulova Snorkel shows wonderful aged patina. The lume on the dial and on the numbers has aged to a warm creamy tan and is in great condition with very minimal lume degradation. The sword style hands posses the same wonderful warm lume and match the dial perfectly!