1964 Rolex Air-King (Ref.5500) Gilt "Tropical"

Simplicity meets the ultimate sophistication with this stunning tropical 1964 Rolex Air-King (ref. 5500) This is a classic and truly timeless piece that will look great on a vintage style leather strap when you want to dress it up, or sporty on a nylon NATO strap. 

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This specific 1964 Rolex Airking from 1964 is not only sought after due to its black gilt dial, but also due to the fact that the dial has taken on an insane tropical coloration that is remnant of blue or black marble stone with colors like blue, green, gray, pink and purple consistent throughout the dial which is consistent throughout the dial. Additionally, the alpha style hands and uncommonly seen silver gilt of the text really make this eye-catching example worthy of a slot in any watch aficionado's collection.

Stock # RLXAK19645500TR
Brand Rolex
Style Air-King
Model 5500
Serial 97XXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Black Gilt Tropical
Millimeters 34mm
Bracelet Rolex "USA Made" C+I Oyster Rivet Bracelet



The excellent case has been previously polished retaining even lugs and showing honest wear from use. The case back is stamped IV.63. The "USA Made" Rolex Oyster rivet bracelet remains in excellent vintage condition exhibiting very little stretch from use.


The unique and original silver gilt dial is absolutely stunning, the dial has taken on a fantastic tropical patina reminiscent of dark marble with colors like blue, green, gray, pink and purple consistent throughout the dial. Under U.V. light inspection the all the lume plots are present on the dial but show some expected degradation. The original tritium alpha style hands exhibit some oxidation, matching the overall look and feel of the watch and under U.V. light the hands show as fully intact with no lume degradation.


None. The watch was just serviced and running at COSC spec backed by a one-year warranty on accurate timekeeping.