1965 Rolex GMT-Master (Ref. 1675) Gilt Dial

GMT, which stands for Greenwich Mean Time, is the universal time standard that regulates the world's clocks and is the basis for aviation planning and schedules. The Rolex GMT-Master has a fourth 24-hour hand that displays the same time zone as the standard 12-hour hand but on a 24-hour scale. This GMT hand allows wearers to set the watch to GMT or any other time zone and then adjust the offset using the rotating 24-hour bezel to display a second time zone. This remarkable feature makes the Rolex GMT-Master a must-have for anyone who frequently travels across multiple time zones, allowing them to keep track of two time zones with ease and precision.

The first few years of the reference 1675, the second GMT-Master reference to come from Rolex, saw rapid evolution in the model's design. This swift progression resulted in various iterations of the dial and case styles, all of which had minuscule production windows. This has become one of the most celebrated and documented eras for the Rolex GMT-Master and is generally referred to as the Gilt-era for Rolex. 

Stock # RLXGMT167565
Brand Rolex
Style GMT-Master
Model 1675
Serial 13XXXXX
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial Glossy Gilt Dial
Millimeters 40
Bracelet Rolex "USA" C+I Oyster Rivet Bracelet


The excellent case retains full and symmetrical lugs that exhibit some honest wear from use while showing minimal signs of previous polishing and retaining partial factory chamfers. The original and gently worn "fat font" red back Pepsi bezel insert features a handsome fade that represents the original colors well while enhancing the vintage aesthetic of the watch overall. The Rolex C+I "USA Made" Oyster rivet bracelet is stamped 7-70, and retains 11 links that show light stretch and will fit up to a 7 3/4-inch wrist.


The original glossy black gilt dial is well-preserved and in beautiful vintage condition, maintaining its glossy finish throughout with nominal elements of age that are invisible to the naked eye and expected of a gilt dial of this era. There is no spidering present in the glossy surface of the dial, though there are subtle hairline cracks that frame the lume plots which remain stable and unnoticeable to the naked eye. The tritium lume plots have achieved a lovely creamy-golden patina and exhibit no degradation when inspected under UV light. The original hands have been professionally restored with tritium to match the dial.


None. The watch is keeping time perfectly, backed by our 1-year warranty on accurate timekeeping.