1966 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date (Ref. 1500) Tropical Dial

This is a rare and very unique 1966 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date that is not commonly seen. As you may notice the dial is quite different as it was originally silver and turned to a bright mustard color patina. This is referred to as a tropical dial and is highly desirable due to the uniqueness of the color. The smooth bezel adds a nice finished look alongside the natural patina creating a one of a kind piece of a high level of sophistication. 

Vintage Rolex Oyster Advertisement

This unique and somewhat rare piece would make a great start for a new vintage collector, or be a great addition to an expanding collection and would provide a classic feel while bringing a unique look while worn on the wrist. This specific example just received a complete overhaul and is running flawlessly!


Stock # RLXOP150066
Brand Rolex
Style Oyster Perpetual Date
Model 1500
Serial 12XXXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Yellow/Gold (Tropical Dial)
Millimeters 34
Bracelet 19mm 


The case has been previously polished but retains full thick lugs and is in fantastic condition. The watch will be provided on a handmade leather strap.


The original and rare tropical dial which was once satin silver has turned a stunning golden color. The tritium lume dots at the end of the markers have some lume degradation but remain almost fully intact. The original tritium filled hands remain fully intact without any lume degradation and the watch possesses the correct date wheel with open 6's and 9's.


None. The watch was fully serviced and running at COSC spec backed by 1-year warranty on movement.