1967 Rolex Submariner (Ref. 5513) "Meters First"

The Rolex Submariner Reference 5513 is the embodiment of the classic dive watch. The 5513 is simple yet sophisticated and rugged. The ref. 5513 was first introduced in 1962 and ceased production in late 1989. The ref. 5513 is a purpose-built dive watch that lacks the date function like other Rolex Submariner models.

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The depth rating began appearing on Submariner dials in late 1955 and was standard on all models by 1956. Early depth ratings were printed with the rating meters first, followed by the number in feet. This continued until early 1970 when Rolex made the switch to a feet-first depth rating, reportedly to appeal to the expanding US market.

Stock #
Brand Rolex
Style Submariner
Model 5513
Serial 16XXXXX
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial Matte Black "Meters First"
Millimeters 40
Bracelet Rolex 9315 "Folded-Link" Oyster Bracelet W/ 280 End Pieces



The excellent case retains strong chamfers, thick lugs, and crisp finishing. The case may have received a very light polishing in the past, though the lug holes remain crisp. The original Mk. 2 "long 5" fat-font bezel insert is in very impressive condition, showing no signs of use or fading, and retains its tritium pearl which matches the patina in the hands perfectly. The case retains its original 7mm twin-lock crown. The inside of the case back is stamped II.67. The era-correct Rolex 9315 folded-link Oyster bracelet with 280 end pieces retains 10 links that show light stretch and will fit up to a 7 1/4-inch wrist. The bracelet comes with one additional link that can be added.


The original matte black "meters first" dial is in virtually flawless condition, remaining very clean throughout. The characteristically puffy tritium/zinc sulfide lume plots are in superb condition, showing no degradation under UV light inspection, and have achieved a handsome creamy yellow/green coloration which is commonly seen from meters first dials from this era. The original tritium hands have achieved a slightly more yellow coloration that matches the lumed pearl in the bezel insert nicely, under UV light inspection the hour hand displays some minor surface cracks and is stable, the minute and sweep seconds hand displays no degradation.


None. The watch just received a full service and is running perfectly, backed by a 1-year warranty on accurate timekeeping.