1968 Seiko Automatic World Time (Ref. 6117-6019)

The Seiko World Time was debuted in 1964 when it was created specifically for the Tokyo summer Olympics, also named 'Games of the XVIII Olympiad'. It was an extremely expensive watch at the time, with a price tag of 12.00 Yen. The interior bezel features an eclectic array of a whopping 26 cities from around the globe, allowing the wearer to track two time zones simultaneously, and guaranteed to charm anyone with a passion for international travel. The coveted mechanical Seikos are highly prized by collectors and enthusiasts of this exceptional Japanese brand. 


Stock # SKOWT61176019
Brand Seiko
Style World Time
Model 6117-6019
Serial 823XXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Silver
Millimeters 38mm
Bracelet 2pc Handmade Leather Strap


The case exhibits normal signs of use and has been lightly polished with lugs remaining full, even and symmetrical. The silver interior world time bezel is in excellent condition and shows no signs of degradation. The case back retains its original serial and reference number engravings in clear and visible condition. The watch comes on a 2pc handmade leather strap. 


The original silver linen-like dial is in excellent condition, showing minimal signs of age. The original hands have achieved and ivory patina showing no degradation when inspected under U.V. light. The original red 24-hour hand lume has aged slightly darker than the hour and minute hand and shows no degradation when inspected under U.V. light. The original white quickset date wheel is in excellent condition. 


None. Watch is functioning perfectly and keeping time, previous service history is unknown.