1968 Seiko Sports (Ref. 5126-8100)

Although they may not be the most luxurious or difficult watch to obtain, Seiko watches are loved by collectors both at the entry-level and by the most decerning collector with a cult-like following. There is a specific sense of satisfaction that comes from wearing a Seiko that you are a part of a long lineage of excellent watchmaking and extreme attention to detail in a resilient fashion across the range of Seiko timepieces. 

Stock # SKO51268100
Brand Seiko
Style Sports
Model 5126-8100
Serial 83XXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Matte Black
Millimeters 38
Bracelet 2pc Handmade Leather Strap



The previously lightly polished case is in excellent condition. The fixed stainless steel bezel retains its original enamel and shows almost no signs of use. The case retains its original off-center quickest crown. The watch will come supplied on a 2pc handmade strap.


The matte black dial has a charming vintage aesthetic, showing subtle signs of age throughout. The lume markers and dots have achieved a handsome creamy patina and show no degradation under U.V. light inspection. The original hands match the dial perfectly and show no degradation under U.V. light inspection.


None. Watch is functioning and keeping time, previous service history is unknown.