1970 Omega Memomatic Alarm (Ref. 166.072)

If there is one thing that is true about Omega, it's that they have produced a deep catalog of remarkably interesting and unique watches throughout their history. Now, with a historical catalog so diverse, it's just a guarantee that some pieces are going to fly under the radar, even for a brand as ubiquitous as Omega. 

Enter the Memomatic. In a time when Alarm watches were at their peak relevance, the 1960s and 70s, Omega introduced the Memomatic. Though the Memomatic has a much more sporty appearance than what was expected for alarm watches in its era, it's actually the matches movement that truly set it apart from its counterparts at Vulcain and Jaeger-LeCoultre. The Cal. 980 developed by Omega was the only alarm movement at the time that could actually be set to the exact minute, whereas its competitors were set by the hour. This was a massive innovation for alarm watches at the time, however, today these Memomatic Omega's remain humble in their value and offer a unique look with a great history. 


Stock # OMMTC166072
Brand Omega
Style Memomatic
Model 166.072
Serial 31XXXXXX
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial Matte Grey
Millimeters 40.5
Bracelet Nylon Perlon Strap


The robust case retains strong factory geometry and dimensions throughout with deep chamfers and bevels present. Though there are honest signs of wear shown, no major notable damage is present. The original Omega signed crystal is in very good condition and features the integrated cyclops to magnify the date. The case retains its original Omega signed crown, and the alarm control pusher also remains original, as does the button pusher in between the two which operates the quick-set date function. The case back retains all of its factory finishing in very crisp condition though there are tool marks present from previous movement services. The watch comes supplied on a brown nylon perlon strap.


The original grey and black dial with orange accents is in exceptional vintage condition with some light spots from age and some fading to the orange accents, but no real damage is present. The tritium lume plots feature a handsome aged patina with some minor degradation present in some of the lume plots when inspected under U.V. light. The original tritium hands have aged to a dark black patina and feature no lume loss under U.V. light inspection.


None. The watch was recently serviced and is keeping time and functioning perfectly, backed by a 1-year warranty on the movement.