1970 Seiko Diver (Ref. 6105-8000) "Resist / Proof"

$ 3,250

Although they may not be the most luxurious, Seiko watches are loved by collectors both at the entry-level and by the most discerning collector. With a cult-like following, there is a specific sense of satisfaction that comes from wearing a Seiko, that you're part of a long lineage of top-tier watchmaking. Released in 1967 as one of the brand's first dive watches this Ref. 6105-8000 is the perfect way to join the club.  

Stock # SKO61058000
Brand Seiko
Style Diver
Model 6105-8000
Serial 03XXXX
Size Men's
Material Stainless Steel
Dial Matte Black
Millimeters 41
Bracelet 2pc Rubber Seiko Strap



The stainless steel, C-shaped case measures 41-millimeters, is rated to 150m, and is in excellent condition. It features a substantial steel crown set at the 4 o'clock position, moved from its usual spot to lessen the chance of its catching on anything. This Diver shows off a deep black bezel in fantastic condition, with silver markings and a beautifully patinated luminous pearl at 12. The watch comes supplied on a 2pc rubber Seiko strap


The dial is a flat black with almost imperceptible fading, a subtle contrast to the sharp black bezel. The dial features fully intact tritium hour markers wrapped in steel and a thick, matching handset. Add the steel rimmed date wheel to the indestructible design and rugged rubber strap and what emerges is pound for pound one of the best overall daily vintage watches money can buy.  


None. The watch is functioning and keeping time perfectly, previous service history is unknown.