1970's Hamilton Super Compressor 600 (Ref. 64040-3)

The Super Compressor case was developed by Piquerez, The super compressor style case includes two crowns, an inner rotating bezel ring, and a pressurized gasket case back system that leveraged the outside pressure to secure and make the case even more watertight. You can commonly brands utilized the case, including Longines, Hamilton, Universal Genéve, and Enicar. The Super Compressor cases came in two sizes: 42mm, as seen in vintage Longines Divers, or 36mm, as seen in this Hamilton 600. This watch is extremely comfortable on the wrist and very much a functional sport reference



This specific Hamilton Super Compressor 600 has all of the key elements that we love here at Craft and Tailored. It possesses the vintage and unique elements of design that make these specific type of timepieces special and something worth collection and wearing on the wrist in the first place!

1970's Hamilton Super Compressor 600 (Ref. 64040-3)

Stock # HAMSPC64040-3/2
Brand Hamilton
Style Dive
Model 64040-3
Serial 143XXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Silver
Millimeters 36mm
Bracelet 2pc Handmade Leather Strap


The case of this Hamilton super compressor is in wonderful condition. The twin crowns are original to the piece showing the cross-hatched texture. The acrylic crystal is original and exhibits some crazing from age.  


The silver dial is clean and in excellent condition, it has taken on a nice warm patina. The inner rotating bezel is in wonderful condition without signs of wear. The tritium markers have achieved an excellent creamy yellow patina and show no degradation under U.V. light inspection. The original tritium cigarette-style​ hands have aged slightly lighter than the dial, matching the overall look and feel of the watch and exhibit no degradation under U.V. light inspection.


None. The watch just received a full and complete service.