1984 Heuer Autavia GMT (Ref. 11063)

Heuer Autavia 11063 Autavia GMT

It's no secret that we love Heuer Autavias here at Craft + Tailored. Since the Autavia's launch in 1962, the Autavia has become one of the most recognized watches to come from Heuer. The name Autavia is derived from "Auto" and "Aviation," which is indicative of the watches target audience. This example from 1983 is the second-generation of the automatic Heuer Autavia GMT that followed the original Heuer automatic GMT Autavia via the reference 11630 GMT which was produced in the late 1970s. As is the case with many GMT's the Heuer Autavia GMT is instantly recognizable by the red and blue rotating bezel that allows the wearer to delineate between AM and PM and keep track of time in 2 separate timezones.  These bright bezels are rotated to line up against the yellow GMT hand to indicate the time in a second time-zone. Heuer referred to the GMT version of its Chronomatic movement as the Calibre 14. 

Heuer 11063 Autavia GMT

As you may know in 1983, things at Heuer were in the process of change. Jack Heuer was no longer at Heuer, and there are several anomalies within the Heuer catalogs during this time. This specific example is referred to in the Heuer catalog as a “11630 GMT” and has 11630 stamped in between the lugs.

The Heuer cal. 14 movement, even by today's standards is an engineering marvel. It's an automatic GMT chronograph date... Yeah, that's a mouthful, oh yeah it also tells time... Its insane... all of that going on and powered by a hidden micro-rotor in the middle of the movement... 

Stock #
Brand Heuer
Chronograph GMT
Model Autavia
Serial 39X,XXX
Size Mens
Material Stainless
Dial Black w/ Red
Millimeters 42mm
Hand Made Rally Strap & Original Heuer Strap W/ Original Heuer Buckle



The case shows signs of a previous light polishing with the factory finishing still very prevalent and honest wear throughout. The Heuer signed crown and pushers remain original to the watch. The GMT bezel has achieved a light and pleasing fade and like the watch itself remains in very good overall condition! The watch has been photographed with a hand made rally strap but the watch will come with its original strap and Heuer signed buckle!


Excellent black matte dial that remains in flawless condition showing no marks or wear. The tritium markers have achieved a warm creamy patina and the hands match perfectly showing no tritium lume degradation when viewed under U.V. light.


Original black leather strap with original stainless steel Heuer buckle.  The watch is running at spec, previous service history is unknown.