N.O.S Nivada Grenchen Aviator Sea Diver Chronograph

The Chronomaster range of watches from Nivada Grenchen and Croton were produced in a time when adventures and exploration were at the forefront of what was happening in the world and within the pop culture of the 1960s.  Within the expansive world of vintage timepieces, there is no uncertainty that vintage tool watches hold a particular position within the minds of numerous collectors. The 1960s and 1970s were what we now know as the golden era of sports watch design where the form of a watch needed to meet its extended function to support the adventures that the watch was created for. Nivada Grenchen or Croton in the States was founded in Grenchen, Switzerland in the 1920s by Jacob Schneider, Nivada Grenchen was actually one of the first watch brands to manufacture automatic watches. Nevada encompassed another modern wristwatch innovations as well, creating waterproof and “rustless” watches that would stand up to the rigors of the outdoor adventures they were creating a watch for.

Nivada Grenchen Aviator Sea Diver Chronograph 

The Aviator Sea Diver covers all of these classic sport watch ques from this golden era of classic sports watch design. The Nivada Grenchen Sea Diver Chronograph features large stainless steel 38mm stainless steel case with long and balanced lugs, the aluminum minute/hour bi-directional bezel is not only unique but useful. The simple and no-nonsense dial is beautifully executed with a flash of red in rightmost sub-dial that offers a 5-minute count down interval. The large broad arrow handset us eye-catching and also provides a highly visible reference point for telling the time as does the red sweep seconds hand for leveraging split-second chronograph timing. The Chronomaster came in several variants. Some were branded under the Nivada Grenchen name which was powered by the Valjoux 92, whereas the Chronomasters that went to the US were branded under Croton and used the Valjoux 23.

This specific example we are featuring here is in NOS condition. Everything from the case, caseback, crown, pushers, bezel, insert hands and dial are in mint condition. This is one of the sharpest and original Aviator Sea Diver Chronograph's we have ever seen... Period... This specific example would make a great addition into any collection and would appeal to the most decerning collectors based on the condition of this example alone 



Stock # NGCASD60
Brand Nivada Grenchen 
Style Diver
Model Nivada Grenchen Automatic
Serial 85XX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Black
Millimeters 38mm
Bracelet Vintage Style Woven Cotton Strap


 The case of this Nivada Grenchen Aviator Sea Diver Chronograph remains in original factory condition showing sharp case bevels and factory condition. The bezel and insert are like the case and also remain flawless and very much in N.O.S condition. The caseback engravings and serial number are clearly visible and are also in NOS condition. The watch will come supplied on a vintage style leather strap.


The dial is flawless and free from any scratches or blemishes. The tritium lume plots are free from any lume degradation and have achieved a wonderful yellow-green patina. The tritium within the hands like the dial is free from any lume degradation and responds properly when viewed under UV light.  


None. The watch is running at the spec and is in perfect working condition.