1970s Omega Seamaster Professional 600 (Ref. 166.077) "Ploprof"

There is something about the early vintage Omega Seamsters that truly embodies the golden era of dive watches of the 1960-1970s. Omega has a long history and heritage in dive watches, which dates back to the 1930s. The Seamaster 600 aka Ploprof is unquestionably the most recognizable watch ever produced by Omega. Ploprof stands for 'Plongeur Professionnel' which means professional diver and relates to the type of watch more than the watch model itself but the name has since stuck. 

Like most tool watches from the golden era of watch design the watch's design itself hails from the watch needing to function while also having form and ergonomics. In the late 1960s deep-sea underwater exploration, off-shore oil and gas drilling saw an increase in demand. This increased the deep-sea diving applications that support the research, military, and commercial market of course increased the demand for heavy-duty submersible watches. The Ploprof was designed to meet the demands of the sub-aqua business and was put forth as a prototype along with the rare and also highly sought after Omega Seamaster 1000 to the most significant marine contractors and research companies. COMEX of course was one of the companies that demanded such an intense piece of equipment. 

So the need for a strong, waterproof, clear, reliable, and high-depth rated watch caused the development of several watches and created the unmistakable Seamaster 600. Omega unveiled the Omega Seamaster 600 Ref. 166.077 "PloProf" at the 1969 Basel Show but interestingly the watch wasn't issued for retail sale until April 1971. Since then there have been many versions of the Ploprof to have come from the Omega making the design iconic, and now a mainstay offering from the Omega Brand.

Stock # OMSMP166.077
Brand Omega
Style Seamaster Professional
Model 166.077
Serial N/A
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Matte Blue MK5
Millimeters 55
Bracelet Omega 1162 Bracelet



The case although worn remains in unpolished condition showing the original factory finishing and case geometry. The locking crown and nut work perfectly and the watch retains its original red locking push button. The original Omega MK 2 bezel remains in flawless condition showing wear from use but is free from any cracks or degradation The Omega 1162 bracelet with 162 end pieces remains in good condition showing honest wear and stretch from use. The original metallic date wheel also remains with the watch. The mineral glass crystal is original to the watch and does show light scratches and marks from use.


The original MK 5 dial is free from any major blemishes and or chipping. The tritium lume has taken on a warm patina and matches the hands. The hands have faded slightly from age yet show no lume loss or lume deterioration when inspected under u.v. light.


None. The watch is keeping time at spec but the previous service history is unknown.