1974 Rolex Datejust (Ref. 1603) Silver Dial

A stunning classic! This specific 1974 DateJust Ref. 1603 retains its original engine turned bezel and wonderful silver "Pie Pan" dial.

This piece would make a great start for a new vintage collector, or be a great addition to an expanding collection. We love the early Rolex DateJust for its simplicity and its classic sophistication. The engine turned bezel yields a classic and less dressed look compared to a gold fluted bezel more commonly found on the DateJust. In our opinion, the engine turned bezel provides the wearer more flexibility in wearability; such as a casual social setting or a classy event, where the fluted bezel although stunning, lends itself to a more refined and dressed feel. This specific example just received a complete overhaul and is running flawlessly!


Stock # RLXDJ1974
Brand Rolex
Style Datejust
Model 1603
Serial 367XXXX
Size Men's
Material SS
Dial Silver 
Millimeters 36
Bracelet C&T Suede Strap (Golden Sienna)


The case retains full thick lugs and is in fantastic condition. The original engine turned bezel provided a classic and versatile look.  The watch will be provided on a C&T vintage style watch strap in golden sienna.


Wonderful warm T Swiss T  Silver "Pie Pan" stick dial. The stick markers provide depth and a stunning 3-dimensional look when viewed at an angle. The date wheel possesses the era correct open 6's and 9's which add to the unique and timeless charm of this piece.


None. Watch was just serviced and running at COSC spec. The watch will come with a 1-year warranty of accurate time keeping.